Pinoy Blues Society... Kaya Ba Natin 'To?

Monday, November 16, 2009

I lived in Cebu City until 2007. Lots of good memories. There, I forced myself to join a Blues jam band (lol). We were a bunch of guys with widely varied backgrounds. The oldest (sorry Sir J) of the group - a successful architect/entrepreneur. On vocals and guitars - an assistant state prosecutor. Next, a "drummer of the year" awardee from NU 107 and soon-to-be lawyer. On bass was an IT expert, and on lead axe, a Linux wizard and former guitarist of a defunct Manila blues rock band.

We jammed in a cool bar called The Outpost.

Every performance we had was unforgettable. We didn't practice (though I wish we did), just pure 100% jamming sessions. Well, we did mostly 12-bar blues songs so it wasn't much of a problem.

At one point, in our quest of spreading the good news of the Blues, we attempted to form a Blues society. After doing the obligatory online postings and tons of text messages, we gathered around 25 persons during our first meeting. Lots of ideas were exchanged and so we settled for a second meeting the following week, at which time only 10 showed up. On the 3rd meeting, only 4 came - and that was the end of our Blues society.

I guess we just didn't have a solid plan then on how to go about a Blues group. We could have started with weekly Blues jams, re-introducing the genre to "younger" musicians, regular jams, etc. I guess that's what happens when there's a lot of ideas, too many that we couldn't agree on any of them.

To have a Pinoy Blues Society, I guess we need some foreign aid.


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