Interview With Arnold "Anot" Ang of Cuarenta (40)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For the Cebuano Blues fans, this is for you.

Here' Wilson (also known as 10STRINGS in his YouTube account) interviewing Arnold "Anot" Ang of the pioneer Cebu band 40 and currently the lead guitarist for Cuarenta (Blues, blues rock).

Below is my attempt in interpreting some parts of the conversation:

Arnold: For me, slow blues is more difficult to play because you need to put your emotions through it.
Wilson: Would you prefer emotion over speed?
Arnold: Yes, although we cannot blame the young bloods, we've gone through that, but I guess it comes with age, what your peers play, it all influences you.
Wilson: Since Blues isn't that popular in Cebu and the Philippines, do you find it difficult to be accepted?
Arnold: Yes, it's difficult, only a select few appreciate it, but it's a challenge for the band. But I have this personal philosophy that it's not the song genre that's important, but it's how you delivered it. It's enough that we played our emotions through the song.


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