Fender Telecaster Demo by Rico a.k.a. pinoyblues

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Less famous than its cousin Strat, the Tele was important in the evolution of the Blues as we know it now. With his '57 Telecaster, Muddy Waters helped build a bridge between the blues and rock with his "walls of electrified sound."

Still not convinced? Here's Rico/pinoyblues giving us some demo of his mouthwatering '52 vintage reissue and then showing his guitar playing skills as well, with a couple of SRV tunes, Little Wing, and everything in between!

From Wikipedia:

The Telecaster is known for its ability to produce both bright, rich, cutting tone or mellow, warm, bluesy tone depending on the selected pickup, respectively "bridge" pickup or "neck" pickup.

The Telecaster was important in the evolution of country, electric blues, funk, rock and roll and other forms of popular music, because its solid construction allowed the guitar to be played loudly as a lead instrument, with long sustain if desired, and with less of the whistling 'hard' feedback..."


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