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Saturday, June 26, 2010

That's right ladies and gentlemen, TomCat's got a new site up, and this time he's expanding the horizon a bit, covering Blues happenings in Philippines and the whole of Asia.

Summarizing the concept and goal of this project, Tom states, "Blues Asia aims to draw the Asian blues community – musicians and fans – closer together. We’ll search out where to find each other. We’ll chat in our forum, We’ll share our recommendations about the best blues tutorials on the internet."

Visiting the the site for the first time, one could see an unassuming front page - the only image is that of Binky Lampano with his signature "grimace" and a lone video of the vintage JDLC. But don't let this look fool you! The site certainly packs a wallop with a host of features including a blog, tutorials (Blues harp) and most impressive is a Blues forum where members could interact with one another. One could only conclude that TomCat indeed has big plans for the site and lucky for us, we'll be there to witness its development right from the start.

So come on now, visit bluesasianetwork and be a part of history!


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